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of pure, uninterrupted 
No Phones. No chores.
No Traffic.   No chatter.

Welcome to Floatation Therapy

Hours of Operation

Acupuncture:     Monday - Sunday


Massage:         Monday - Sunday               


Monday:                       9 am - 7 pm

Tuesday:                        CLOSED 

Wednesday:                  9 am - 7 pm

Thursday:                       9 am - 7 pm

Friday & Saturday:          9 am - 7 pm           

Sunday:                         9 am - 6 pm

(last Float starts at 6 & 7 respectively)


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Float Orientation Video

What is Floating?

Floating is the practice of resting atop a 10" solution of water and 1200 pounds of magnesium sulfate, otherwise known as Epsom Salts.  The solution is warmed to typical skin temperature, about 93.5º.  This is accomplished in one of a number of special floatation environments called float tanks, float pods or float rooms; also referred to a sensory deprivation chambers.

Why Float?


Reduces stress, pain & anxiety

Creates an ideal environment for meditation and relaxation -promotes mental focus

Helps speed recovery time

Great for pregnant women; offers a quiet, nurturing environment for mother and child while helping to alleviate joint pain and exhaustion

Increases endorphin levels that can last for days

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