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Its ok to take a little time out of your busy life to just focus on you.

It is nice finding a place where you can just go and relax.

 -Moises Arias

Every body is different.


Whether you’re looking for relief from chronic pain or simply seeking some much-needed R&R, each session here at Infinity Float Center is tailored to meet your individual body needs, aimed at easing troubled minds, soothing sore muscles, improving circulation, increasing energy, promoting healthy Zzz’s and encouraging all around happiness.


Clients are seen in a very relaxing and comfortable environment.  Treatment can be with as light or as deep pressure as the client desires, always focusing on relieving pain and tension in areas of concern, as well as working with the whole body to achieve balance and harmony.


Massage is now available

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Acupuncture is a family of procedures originating in China, the most well-known of which involves penetration of specific anatomic locations on the skin, called acupuncture points, by fine hair-like needles.  Acupuncture is one of the oldest and most commonly used forms of natural, traditional medicine in the world—dating back 5000 years.  It is based on the ancient Chinese theory of the flow of Qi (Energy) and Xue (Blood) through distinct meridians or pathways that cover and fill the body, somewhat like the nerves and blood vessels do.  


Healthy, open meridians where energy and blood can flow freely are essential for optimal health.  Chinese medicine and acupuncture work to treat the whole patient and the root of a problem.


Acupuncture allows Qi to flow to areas where it is deficient, and away from areas where it is in excess.  In this way, acupuncture regulates and restores a harmonious energetic balance in the body.  Through comprehensive consultations, quality treatments and compassionate care, acupuncture can help you resolve health problems, be pain free, relaxed and de-stressed, and enjoy a renewed vitality for life.

All therapists at IFC are highly trained professionals & bring

their individual skills and healing energy into every session.

Donna is a member of the Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals (ABMP) as a registered massage therapist.  She has assisted several chiropractors over her 10+ years of practice.  She treats many clients with neck, back, migraine and shoulder tension.  Her expertise in relaxation based Swedish massage is perfectly suited for pre or post float.  Donna’s goal is for each client to be blissfully calm and relaxed when they leave.  With client care and comfort at the utmost importance her personal attentiveness and compassion keep clients returning.

Carol is a member of the American Acupuncture Council and the American Massage Therapy Association.  After over 15 years practicing acupuncture she desired to further diversify her ability to meet her client’s needs and received her massage license from the Texas School of Massage here in Clear Lake.  She is kind, caring and compassionate; her therapies help to relieve pain, reduce stress and maintain good physical and mental health; evident in her list of returning clients.  She has found that incorporating alternative therapies such as acupuncture and massage helps to achieve a state of good health and peaceful well-beings; a beautiful compliment to Floatation Therapy.