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"What an awesome experience. This was the first time for my wife and I to float. We were excited but a bit apprehensive. The idea is a bit scary. I have a tendency to be a bit claustrophobic, but as soon as we got there, he put us at ease. These are "cabins" room type enclosures. The atmosphere is perfect. Showers and bathrooms are nice and clean...shower water is hot and there is plenty of it! We will definitely be back...only problem is they are not closer to my house!!!!"

Danny W.

May 2017

"Good grief, that was awesome! Mark and Jennifer have really created something special here. I stumbled on this place while driving around Clear Lake and had to know what a "Float Center" was. SO GLAD I DID!

The Spa Itself: Talk about beautiful. With two soothing lounges, stunning artwork from a local artist, and hot tea waiting for you - the environment is lovingly put together to create the perfect before and after experience.

The Float: Whaaaaat?! I was really blown away by the amount of professionalism in the set up and build of the Zero Gravity rooms. It felt like a natural extension of the spa outside the rooms and the whole place was awash in a deep, soothing blue color. The actual float chamber was pristine as well and the moment your feet touch that 93ish degree water - you know it's gonna be a good day. I drifted in and out of sleep for the 90 minutes and emerged from the tank feeling refreshed, renewed, and very present. I loved every second of it and ordered two more floats!

Overall: My shoulder feels so much better (been very sore), I'm not weighed down with what ifs and maybes, and I feel like I'm back to center. I feel amazing and I'm so very thankful that the good folks at the Infinity Float Center are doing what they are doing. This is relaxation at it's finest. Good folks doing good work."

Joe B.

April 2017

"If you haven't done this before, I think you will love it."

Tom S.

May 2017

"Relaxation and Recovery at its finest. Feeling great."

Samuel J.

June 2017

"This place is truly Heaven on Earth! I've only been here twice, but I feel like it's home. As a licensed massage therapist, I'm always interested in various wellness therapies for myself, my clients, my friends, and family. I've not been having the best year emotionally, and finding this place was like a sign from the universe since I had been researching float therapy recently.... If you haven't gone in yet, what are you waiting for?!"

Rachel C.

June 2017

"My first time was magnificent. It was not only relaxing but the best meditation I've been able to do for years. The atmosphere is so warm and friendly. I highly recommend it for anyone interested and I plan on doing it again."

Jill S.

Aug 2017

"Incredible place. Cant wait to go back. Attention to detail for the lounge areas and the tanks was much appreciated."

Richard L.

Aug 2017

"...Finally! (I thought) A calmly lit, professional, and advanced float center close to my house has opened! I travel a lot and have been to other float centers around the country but Infinity definitely takes the cake!... 

The newly remodeled, calm, quiet, and hospitable environment at Infinity is exactly what I was hoping it would be. I was totally impressed with their 3 tank room options. They also have 2 relaxing rooms to help you wind down and adjust your eyes, collect your thoughts, read or even color in coloring book. You can also share thoughts and doodles in a public journal, which I think is neat! They are also going to start offering massages soon...

I just can't say enough about Infinity float center! If you are curious about floating or are a regular floater, Infinity is the place to go."

Jake P.

June 2017

"Awesome experience. Will definitely be back. Very friendly staff."

Mike F.

July 2017

"This place is incredible, both the facilities and the staff. A friend (who has been floating for years) talked me into trying it out today. What an experience! I have a high-stress job and am constantly on the go. My brain never shuts off and I struggle to sleep more than a couple hours a night. I felt like a new person after my session today - so refreshed and relaxed... Picked up a membership also and can't wait to go back!"

Alisha B.

July 2017

"This was an awesome experience, such a peacefully, tastefully done facility, pictures do not do it justice. Jen and Mark you have created an amazing experience. But more than this for the first time in weeks I could sleep thru the night without sciatic nerve issues! Woo hoo, thank you!"

Clara G.

July 2017

"My husband and I went to our first float yesterday. He loved it. I wasn't sure at first but after a bit I loved it as well. I'm just not accustomed to quiet...but really enjoyed it. The facility is beautiful and has everything you need. The staff is very nice. Donna, the massage therapist was excellent. We both will be back. We did not know that they offered massages as well but was able to grab an appointment with Donna. She was amazing. Thank you and See you soon!"

Michelle B.

Aug 2017

"I love the time to myself, no distractions and time to focus on self care. The atmosphere is fantastic! Jennifer and Mark are very helpful, encouraging and open to any suggestions for improvement of the space and experience. It's my happy place!"

Tami J.

June 2017

"Peaceful and amazing! I want to do this again and again and again."

Amy M.

June 2017

"Awesome experience! Very relaxing, calming and welcoming. Truly enjoyed my time and looking forward to the next visit. Well done!"

Stephanie L.

July 2017

"Like waking from a beautiful dream. Can't wait to do it again!  Feeling super awesome after my 90 min float!!!"  

Vanora M.

June 2017

"Went in suffering from a pretty severe rib injury.. Floating didn't magically fix my injuries but once I got into the groove I was breathing much deeper than I had been able to, since the injury.. very relaxing. I fell asleep 3 times... awesomeness"

Scott B.

April 2017


Vickie B.

March 2017

"Relaxing, accommodating, awesome place to free your mind!"

Karla M.

July 2017

"Wow just had a 90min float and a hour Massage. Talk about relaxing. If you have not tried it you're missing out."

Jerry M.

June 2017

"My creativity explodes during a float. I'm doing 90min next time. Here's to being unstoppable!!!!!"

Donna P.

July 2017

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