Infinity Float Center  is equipped with THREE private suites, each featuring state-of-the-art ZERO GRAVITY FLOAT ROOM which you'll quickly come to start thinking of as your favorite room on the planet.


Each chamber is 8 feet long by 6 feet wide and 7 feet tall. Inside you will find about 10 inches of water that has been super-saturated with 1200 pounds of pharmaceutical grade Epsom Salts, which means when you lay down in it, you float effortlessly. This solution is warmed to typical skin temperature, about 93.5 degrees. and because the water matches your skin temperature, you quickly lose track of your physical body giving you the feeling of floating in space (without all that time-consuming astronaut training).

Our float chambers are completely light proof and sound proof. In the absence of all of the various stimulation that you are constantly bombarded with 24 hrs a day, your mind and your body can finally relax and rejuvenate. 

No phones. No chores. No traffic. No chatter.  No gravity.

Wether you're new to Floatation Therapy, a veteran Floater, or quite literally, a Veteran, we have a Float to fit you.  
And, if you're just Float Curious - that's okay too!  Stop by the center and let us give you the tour.  We'll get all your questions answered.

Intro to Floating 

   Float  Rookie           $189*

         -Three 90-min Float Sessions 

   Float  Newbie         $120*

          -Three 60-min Float Sessions 

Single Floats

   90-min Float           $ 99

   60-min Float           $ 79

Float Packages


   90-min 3-pac      $249

   60-min 3-pack       $199

              (pricing also available for 5 & 10 packs- just ask)

Massage (call to schedule)

   30-min                    $ 45

   60-min                    $ 75

   90-min                    $105

* Receive one 60-min Float Session per month
* Receive a FREE 60-min Float in your birthday month
* Any additional Floats you purchase are at the same $59 price
* Unused Floats roll over for 6 months & can be shared with friends or family
* 10% Discount on Massage & Acupuncture
* Cancel anytime - no contracts.
* Discounts on retail items
 Discount on special events at IFC

60-min Monthly Membership: $59

Massage and Float Packages

(call to schedule)

   Course Correction           $105

          30-min Massage + 60-min Float

   Back on Track                  $135

          60-min Massage + 60-min Float

   Infinite Bliss                     $185

          90-min Massage + 90-min Float

 Acupuncture (call to schedule)
 approx. 30 -min             $ 60
Cosmetic Acupuncture
 approx. 30 -min            $ 80
(packages available)

* Don't see something your looking for?  Give us a call!


(*One per customer)

Ask about our Military & First Responder Discounts

Refunds, Rescheduling, & Cancellation

We are a family-owned small business and last-minute changes to reservations do result in loss of revenue, as such making last minute changes to reservations is considered canceling and will result in a cancellation fee. Click here to view our Refunds, Rescheduling & Cancellation Policies.  Valid credit or debit cards are required for all reservations.